Just beautiful jewellery

K.Smith & Son Jewellers on the Sunshine Coast

Just beautiful jewellery

K.Smith & Son Jewellers on the Sunshine Coast

Custom Jewellery Design on the Sunshine Coast

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You as a customer you can be as involved as you’d like throughout the creative process. Our goal is to make your dream bespoke Jewellery a reality. Whether you are wanting to usd some well-loved Jewellery that’s been passed down through the generations or your starting from scratch, your sure to be blown away with your very own custom piece.


We know your jewellery is more than just something you wear – it’s attached to some of your most precious memories. Maybe you have a special someone who deserves nothing but the best? We can help you choose or design a customised piece that perfectly captures what is truly in your heart.


Having David, our Jeweller and owner, in store makes it an easy and enjoyable experience when it comes to bringing your very own design to life.

Why hire someone for jewellery design?

There are many reasons you might like to use us for your custom jewellery design vs buying something readymade. Many people have us design custom pieces because they just haven’t found something that speaks to them. Whether they have an idea in mind or not, they may have simply not found the jewellery piece that jumped out at them and begged them to buy it yet.


In those cases, having something designed is often a good way to ensure you’re getting exactly what you want. Additionally, in some cases we find customers who do know what they want but they can’t find anywhere. This may be a piece they saw once in another store years before or they may have dreamed up their ideal piece, something that doesn’t exist yet. In either scenario we can help you design a ring, necklace, bracelet or charm that will meet your needs.


Our jewellery design professional can help you source the finest gems, provide a real-life sketch and model of your item and then create the perfect jewellery for you in your choice of precious metal. Ask for more information today. 

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